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Trigger point charts are key in locating muscle aches caused by trigger points. Whether the pain is in your shoulder, leg, arm, neck or back, the most important thing is to accurately find which muscle is causing the discomfort.

For this, anatomical charts for trigger points can come in useful. These charts contain diagrams pinpointing two important things – the location of the myofascial triggers and where they cause pain.

This is crucial because these areas of spasmed muscle can often cause pain far away from their actual location. This is caused referred pain, and happens in a particular pattern for each point. These referral patterns have been mapped out on charts over hundreds of studies, and remain constant.

This means you can get an ache in your hand caused by trigger points in your forearm. Pain in your shoulder can be caused by muscles in your back, headaches can be caused by your neck muscles, and a sore shoulder can come from chest muscles..

When you look at an charts or  illustrations of trigger points in the leg & buttock, you can sometimes see a pain referral path that runs right down your leg. (For instance, from the gluteus minimus  muscle.)

Trigger points can occur in virtually any muscle in your body. In fact, they often are found in groups. For instance, tension in your shoulders can set of muscles spasms in several muscles. You can get groups of secondary triggers that are activated by the primary trigger point, but they all need to be released for the underlying tension to dissolve.

This is why a whole body trigger points chart is so necessary. When you can see all the muscles that can refer pain to a single location, you’re able to track down all the points that could be causing your muscles to spasm and have triggers. Then you can methodically switch off each tight band, and dissolve the tension.

For simple trigger point charts that you can access free, simply go to triggerpointmaps.com – there are over 47 free anatomical charts for trigger points.


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